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This script carries out the atmospheric correction and produces surface reflectance values for Landsat Landsat TM/ETM+ data. It uses standalone preprocessing software created in the LEDAPS project by NASA.

Usage: ledapsscript.bash <ancillary_data_directory_path>


ledapsscript.bash /media/YOURDISK/ANC


  • LEDAPS performs image calibration to TOA reflectance, cloud-screening using two separate algorithms, and performs atmospheric correction to surface reflectance (SR) using the MODIS/6S approach.
  • The scrips is launched in a directory containing landsat image folders (from USGS) as sub-directories. It searches for folders starting with "L" and uses metadata and image bands.
  • A directory containing ancillary data (ANC) is also needed and path to this directory must be given as the only parameter.
  • Update on 28.8.2011: The script now leaves the directory (i.e. does not re-process it), if it finds all of the following files:
  • lndth.XXX.hdf
  • lndth.XXX.hdf.hdr
  • lndsr.XXX.hdf
  • lndsr.XXX.hdf.hdr
Where XXX stands for the image basename.
  • If one wants to re-process an already processed image, it is enough to remove any of the abovementioned 4 files.

Note: The programs needed for the correction must be located in the /usr/local/bin. The installation of these programs is beyond this manual, as they are distributed by NASA.

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