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This script is meant to be used after script oft-classvalues-plot.bash. It plots 2-5 classes in the same figure and the distinction of classwise point clouds can be evaluated.

It is launched in the folder containing classwise plots and text files produced by the above mentioned script.

Usage: oft-classvalues-compare.bash <class1> <class2> [class3] [class4] [class5]

e.g. oft-classvalues-compare.bash 1 2 3


cd /home/.../
  • Use oft-classvalues-compare to create a comparison plot of band2 and band3. Output to be found in folder plots_landsast_t1.tif_bands_3_4 created after running oft-classvalues-plot.bash. Output: Comparison1_3.png
oft-classvalues-compare.bash 1 3 

  • Now compare band1, band2 and band3; Output: Comparison1_2_3.png
oft-classvalues-compare.bash 1 2 3

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