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The straight forward tool oft-clip.pl subsets an input image using the extension, pixel size and projection of the reference image

Usage: oft-clip.pl <reference> <input> <output>


1. Use for this exercise the MODIS imagery vcf-2010.tif and the Landsat imagery clip landsat_t1.tif

2. Open your working directory using

cd /home/.../OFGT-Data

3. Reproject, clip and resample the MODIS image (resolution 230 m, lat/long) to the projection, extent and pixel size of the Landsat tile (resolution 30m, UTM 35)

oft-clip.pl images/landsat.tif images/vcf-2010.tif results/vcf-clip.tif

4. Visualize the results in QGIS

qgis images/landsat_t1.tif results/vcf-clip.tif

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