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gets the coordinates of corners of a raster image or OGR vector layer

Usage: oft-getcorners.bash <inputfile> [ { -ul_lr /-min_max} ]

Where: <inputfile> is a GDAL raster layer or OGR vector layer
-ul_lr = ulx uly lrx lry (default)
-min_max = xmin ymin xmax ymax (ulx lry lrx uly)
  • Oft-getcorners.bash outputs the corner coordinates for a GDAL raster layer or OGR vector layer.
  • The user can choose the order of the output.
    • ulx: upper left x-coordinate
    • uly: upper left y-coordinate
    • lrx: lower right x-coordinate
    • lry: lower right y-coordinate


  • Get Example data set
  • For this exercise following tools are used: oft-getcorners.bash

1. Run the oft-getcorners.bash:

 oft-getcorners.bash images/landsat_t1.tif

2. You should get the following output:

 Not an OGR vector layer
 Using GDAL raster layer
 Output in order ulx uly lrx lry
 729285.000 -2352885.000 819285.000 -2457885.000

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