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oft-polygonize.bash - a wrapper for gdal_polygonize

Usage: oft-polygonize.bash <input.img> <output.shp>


  • Get Example data set
  • For this exercise following tools are used: oft-polygonize.bash

2. Open your working directory using

cd /home/...

3. Let's run oft-polygonize.bash using the input image landsat_t1.tif to create the output oft-polygonize.shp

oft-polygonize.bash landsat_t1.tif oft-polygonize.shp

4. Take a look at your shapefile in QGIS on go on propertiesof the .shp -> Labels -> tick Display Labels, set Field Containing Label to DN -> Press OK. The DN of each polygon in oft-polygonize.shp should be the same as the pixel value of landsat_t1.tif for the same location.

Zoomed view of oft-polygonize.shp

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