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Example generated data entry forms
Open Foris Collect is the main entry point for data collected in field-based inventories. It provides a fast, easy, flexible way to set up a database with user-friendly interface for managing field data. It is built on Open Foris' Inventory Data Metamodel, a meta-model which defines a standard language for documenting inventory variables, quality checks, code lists and other related metadata.

Key features

  • Easy-to-use web interface for data entry, cleansing and maintenance
  • Integrated three-phase workflow
  • Fully configurable, automatically generated electronic forms for data entry and management
  • User-defined, self-documenting data definition (variables, code lists, etc.) using the Inventory Data Modelling Language
  • Species checklist creation and maintenance, including approval workflow for new or updated species names
  • Support for multiple coordinate reference systems; customizable checking of entered coordinates
  • Multilingual - all user interface and data elements translatable into any number of languages
  • Missing value handling - well-defined tracking of sources of missing data
  • Custom quality controls - all common types of user-defined data checks (min, max, text pattern, required, etc.)
  • Multi-user support, including role-based security, record locking and audit logging


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