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Usage: stack.bash

stack.bash is a script meant for post-processing of LEDAPS corrected LS scenes in HDF-format.

Usage: stack.bash <optional list of Landsat image folders>


  • The script analyzes all the subfolders starting with letter L in the folder where it is launched, unless the target directories are indicated in the command line
  • It subsequently processes the LEDAPS output files in those folders to produce an image stack with spectral and thermal bands in Erdas Imagine format
  • The projection is made compatible with Erdas Imagine by using OGC SRS (requires ~/ogcwkt, created by running
  • The thermal band may be included in the HDF containing the spectral bands, or separately
  • The script also creates a separate cloud mask image (cm)
  • The output name is taken from the basename of the Landsat file

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