I just installed Collect but after I associated it to Chrome, I didn't get to the http://localhost URL. Instead, this is what I see:


set JRE_HOME=C:\opt\openforis\collect/java cd "C:\opt\openforis\collect/tomcat/bin" echo Opening Collect into the default browser... start http://localhost:8380/collect echo Starting up Tomcat... startup.bat

If I try manually to open http://localhost:8080 (or 8380), I get a message that 'This site can't be reached'. I tried to delete the collect directory at C:\opt\openforis\collect\tomcat\webapps\tomcat\collect but it doesn't exist.

asked 31 Jan '17, 18:26

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Hi Beverly,
What did you associate with Chrome? The start.cmd file? That is an executable file... you should just run it and it will startup the Tomcat process and will open a window in your default browser, using the address http://localhost:8380/collect (or something else if the port 8380 is already in use in your system).
Anyway, you should not associate the .cmd extension to Chrome in any case.
Also, the folder C:\opt\openforis\collect\tomcat\webapps\tomcat\collect doesn't exist because Collect never started up... It will be generated the first time you will run it.
We will contact you to your private email address.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 31 Jan '17, 20:31

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Actually when I tried to start Collect, it would not start up the Tomcat process or open a window in my default browser. Instead I was prompted to associate a program to open it. I'm using Windows 10 with bootcamp, if that helps

(31 Jan '17, 21:10) zengoat zengoat's gravatar image
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