Hello OF Team,

We are considering option to record trees on sample plot fluently. Meaning that we keep tree-form at the plot level and just add plot section information into one column for every tree. This way we could avoid flipping between forms (of different stands/plot sections) and can measure every tree straight. BUT if we want to use Calc for calculation, and this set up does not work correctly.

I think that if data is collected by using field forms and we apply a (true) hierarchical survey, then the entry staff could still enter trees by plot sections into Collect if we teach them to do so. They should then split those trees into their corresponding plot stands/sections. But the problem comes along Mobile, we do not want to browse between various plot-plotsection windows when recording trees.

So is there some solution for this case?

Best regards, Lauri

asked 10 Feb, 10:48

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Hi Lauri,
We are thinking to a possible solution: what about defining the survey structure as it is more comfortable for data entry and then using the Referenced key attribute property of the tree/land_use attribute, in your case, to specify that this attribute refers to the plot_section entity?
During the import of the data into Calc it will be possible to transform the data so that the hierarchical structure will look different into it.
Let us know, many thanks.
Open Foris Team

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answered 28 Feb, 16:48

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