How do I register a polygon (boundaries of a land holding) in Collect Mobile?

asked 24 Feb '17, 05:30

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Dear OF, do you have a solution to make/use polygon files in Collect Mobile and Collect Survey Designer, as explained in may Answer/Question below? Can this be done in a similar way as for Collect Earth? Joseph

(19 Mar '20, 14:48) joseph joseph's gravatar image

See also: How to load polygon sample data in CE - May 2016

(04 Jan, 21:21) joseph joseph's gravatar image

You can create a multiple entity “bountry”, with a single coordinate attribute. Collect Mobile doesn’t support coordinate attributes with multiplicity.

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answered 24 Feb '17, 08:26

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Can you please explain how to do that? Thanks in advance.

(24 Feb '17, 09:18) sandip sandip's gravatar image

You create a structure similar to this:

alt text

You make boundary a Multiple (1:N) (Table layout) entity and coordinate a simple Coordinate attribute.

Regards, Daniel

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answered 24 Feb '17, 12:32

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Hi Sandip,
in the latest version of Collect (3.12.24) there is even a polygon feature that can be helpful. What you will need to do is to: - define a calculated attribute (call it whatever you want, for example "boundary_polygon") - mark it as "Geometry" - define the expression to calculate the value as: geo:geometry(boundary/coordinate) - now the attribute will be available in the map view among the list of possible layers that you can add

Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

alt text

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answered 15 Mar '17, 16:54

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OF Collect ♦♦
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Dear Daniel, I tried this old advice/instruction, and it works in Collect-Data Management/Map, however it crashes in Collect-Mobile: how to solve? In Collect-Map I see only the (e.g. 4) corner-points; can they be connected to see a real polygon? This procedure results as 'data' coordinate-points; can I design/digitize also a polygon as sample 'area': at cluster (e.g. biotope-area) level to define the area to sample plots(e.g. biotope-elements) within? Joseph

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answered 19 Mar '20, 13:23

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edited 04 Jan, 17:12

Is there any new development on using polygons with Collect/Collect-Mobile?

(04 Jan, 17:13) joseph joseph's gravatar image
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