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Is there a comprehensive documentation (PDF or similar) of Collect Mobile? I'd like to learn more about mapping capabilities, but did not find a doc or FAQ issues on that topic (except one post, which is very general and the answer was there were other issues with higher priority at the moment connected to Collect).

I'm interested in general mapping capabilities of Colect Mobile which is also linked to the posibility to pair Collect Mobile with external electornic devices e.g. GPS module, rangefinder, electronic caliper, heightmeter, electornic busola and then transmit, (pre)process and store data comming from these devices.

What spatial data types can be handled by the current version of Collect Mobile?

I'll be very thankfull for any answeres or references addressing my questions. Kind regards

Radim Adolt

asked 10 Mar '17, 12:17

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Hi Radim,

We have finally released a user manual for Collect Mobile. You find it at the bottom of the Collect Mobile webpage:

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answered 15 Mar '17, 16:41

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Hi Radim,

Sorry for the late reply. Please check again our site for Collect Mobile and you can find a tutorial for download.

We don't support any external devices (external GPS devices are supported through bluetooth and the virtualization of the coordinate provider, but this is a separate product in Android)

As for spatial data types right now we are handling both points and polygons (using a multiple entities with coordinates).

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answered 15 Mar '17, 16:50

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