Hi there,

We have designed a survey form with following schema Forest->Forest_ regime->Forest_ block->sample_plot->(seedling, sapling, pole, tree).

We have currently setup everything and data is being collected as intended using collect mobile. We import the .collect_data file which is then listed in one row of data management section. We then choose the option to export the data. In the next popup shown, we select csv format, select "Data Entry" as step and check the "Export all Entities" option then export the file. In the zip file created, there are separate files for each entities defined in the schema.

The last 4 files (seedling, sapling, pole, tree) are of our concerns as they contain the collected data. But it seems that the exported .csv file is not summarized. i.e. there are repeated fields. We need an summarized/aggregated .csv file for our purpose.

So my question is, can we prepare the aggregated/summarized .csv file from somewhere inside the collect itself or some other app like saiku?

Currently we have developed a custom solution to create summarized table for a input file present in specific predetermined format. But it would be great if this thing can be done through the Collect itself.

Thanks, Sushil.

asked 17 May '17, 22:07

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Hi Sushil,
Now there is not such a possibility. What you can do is to prepare your query into Saiku and save it, so that you can run it several times and export the aggregated data resulting from that query.
Open Foris Team

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answered 19 May '17, 11:50

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