Hi every one, I want to connect my collect desktop with postgresql database. I followed the following procedure described here http://www.openforis.org/support/questions/1228/how-to-set-up-postgresql-server-for-new-collect I could not get success. how can I connect with it? Is there special process. what should I do in postgres database eg. the name of database, schema, username etc please guide me. thank you very much. The error msg was as this alt text

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Hi Raj kumar,
Good that you find yourself the way to setup Collect with PostgreSQL database.
The data you record is stored into the table ofc_record. Every record is stored into a binary column of that table (the columns data1 or data2 depending on the record's phase, entry or cleansing/analysis).
The reason why the data is stored in that format is because the structure of the data it's dynamic and depends on the survey schema structure. Anyway, we are planning to move from this way of storing the data into a more "open" way where the user can actually see the values stored for each record, but you will see the new structure only by the beginning of next year.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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Hi all, I am successful to connect with postgres database. I changed username and password in collect.porperties file in Data folder. The password was that which I put when installing the postgres database. Now I can enter the data and save through collect desktop application.Now my new question is that in which table the data is stored that I entered? I have created a database named collect and schema also collect.

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