I have a card where people can select some linear elements if they are present in the plot. One of them is bunds/terraces. Then in another card, I am asking how many dots are on land treated with bunds/terraces.

I want a warning message appear if either: 1- bunds/terraces are selected as a linear element but the interpreter then tells me he has no dots on land treated with bunds/terraces 2- bunds/terraces are not selected as a linear element but the interpreter tells me he has dots land treated with bunds/terraces

I put the following warnings respectively: 1- on the linear pattern card: treated_land = 'yes' and linear_patterns != 'bunds_terraces' apply when treated_land = 'yes' 2- on the bunds_terraces card: treated_land != 'yes' and linear_patterns = 'bunds_terraces' apply when linear_patterns = 'bunds_terraces'

I cannot get the message to appear...

Thanks for any help!


asked 16 Oct '17, 13:25

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Hi Florence,

If treated_land is a Boolean attribute use treated_land instead of treated_land = 'yes' and not(treated_land) instead of treated_land != 'yes' If linear_patterns is a code list and you have e.g. 1 - ditches, 2 - bunds_terraces, etc., use the code instead of the label e.g.: linear_patterns != 2. If the label and the code are the same, disregard that part.

This is just the syntax. If you have these attributes on different levels in the form, you have to make sure you have the paths set right. It is hard to advise you on this w/o seeing the form.

Another point is you can make the attribute "dots" irrelevant all together if bunds_terraces is not selected.

Hope this helps!


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answered 20 Oct '17, 08:19

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