I wonder if it is possible to copy the data from one tablet to another. If yes, how?

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asked 09 Nov '17, 17:59

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As I know the simplest way is exporting the data from one tablet and import to another tablet.

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answered 09 Nov '17, 18:44

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If you are referring to save the data from one tablet so that you can send it to the person that is managing the data and aggregating it in Collect you can just do this using the Export feature in Collect Mobile.

If what you want is to have the data collected in one tablet available in the other, this is not easy (as it is not one of our foreseen ways to use Collect Mobile), meaning it is not an easy process.

The data collected throug Collect Mobile is stored in a SQLite database within the internal storage of the Android device.

You should be able to connect a computer to your Android and access it through the files explorer in the folder:

Computer\ANDROID_DEVICE\Internal storage\Android\data\org.openforis.collect\files\surveys\Computer\Honor 9\Internal storage\Android\data\org.openforis.collect\files\surveys\reforestation_pilot_site alt text

Then you can save the file called "collect.db". Then connect your other Android device (you should have previously imported the same survey used in the first device ) and copy the collect.db file (the database with the data) into the same folder. Voila, the data from the first device is in the second.

My question for you is, why do you want to do this? The " data aggregation" and cleaning of the data collected in Collect Mobile should be done inside Collect...no need to copy data from one device to the other.

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answered 10 Nov '17, 14:12

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