I created a grid in csv format according to the Collect Earth User Manual for Windows OS (section 5.4).

However, when I load the csv and save&apply changes using Tools > Properties > Sample Data, I get this error:

Any help is appreciated


asked 14 Nov '17, 15:10

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Now it's working, thank you so much!

Best wishes

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answered 15 Nov '17, 20:45

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Hello again.

The Namibia example is really old (we will create a new repository of example surveys instead of using the ones in the Collect Earth webiste) so maybe it is better if you use this one.

Very Simple IPCC survey

The CSV file expected for the sampling design for this one is also a simple one (ID, YCoordinate, XCoordinate) Go to Tools->Properties and click the Browse button to select the one you have created

alt text

Hope this one works better!

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answered 15 Nov '17, 17:01

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It seems that you are using the Namibia test survey.

If you go to Tools->Properties you can see that this survey expects a very simple CSV to define the sampling design. This CSV should just contain three columns : ID, YCOORDINATE, XCOORDINATE

If you want a simple way to produce a sample design over a country ( or province/district) you can use this script: Google Earth Engine App to produce grid over country . You just need to change the name of the country and the distance between the plots (it generates a systematic sample design)

After you RUN the script you nee to click on the link on the right frame of the Code Editor (Console) to download the resulting CSV and then "clean it" in Excel to just keep the ID, Latitude and Longitude columns. The CSV includes information on the country, province and district for the points.

Let us know is it still does not work!

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answered 14 Nov '17, 17:23

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Thank you so much for the prompt reply.

I know this survey only expects those three columns and that's the csv I have generated and tried to load. But I keep getting the same error message.

My sample points were generated using a stratified random approach and I thought I could use the Namibia test survey to load my sample dataset. But maybe I'm missing something...

Many thanks again!

(15 Nov '17, 12:07) jmbcarreiras jmbcarreiras's gravatar image
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