Dear All I have created the CSV sampling grid with QGIS by following the Collect Earth Instruction Manual, and when i tried to brownse the CSV using Sample Data Tool in Collect Earth the error occurred I do not know what the problem is. I have tried to solve the problem by following the solutions provided by this site but cannot seem to solve the issue. I thought it might be the problem with my CSV file please take a look at the screen shots of the CSV and the error on the link below

Please Help Thank you in advance and looking forward hearing from you all

asked 26 Jan '15, 06:43

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I had the same problem. I then saved the csv file twice (with the same name) and it worked. However, I cannot view this grid in google earth.

(26 Jan '15, 10:20) Jason Jason's gravatar image

Hi Jason, send me the grid and I can take a look at the problem!

collectearth at gmail dot com

(26 Jan '15, 11:20) collectearth ♦ collectearth's gravatar image

Hello Somphavy,

I think the error in this case is that the ELEVATION column is expecting an integer, so if you remove the ".00000" from the "964.00000" then it should be fine.

It also looks like the columns you have generated have many trailing zeroes. You might use excel (or plain old text replace in Notepad) to remove those trailing zeroes. Also the slope and aspect don't need that level of detail so you might want to round them to the closest integer values.

One more thing, depending on the survey you are working on you might also need to add the Region column at the end. You can do it though QGis or if you know that all the points fall within the same region you might just add the text : ,"XXXREGIONXXX" at the end of each of the lines. Check the CSV files from the survey you are extending to see if they had the region information already or not.

The final result should then be ( for the first line of the CSV in the image file ):


Hope this fixes your problem!

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answered 26 Jan '15, 11:19

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Dear Sir

I have solved the problem by following you instruction and also add the production forest name to the attribute table as you suggested and it reduce the work load of the Collect Earth a lot.

Thank you for your assistance Best Regards

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answered 27 Jan '15, 06:50

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