Dear developers, I was happy to see that not relevant fields are now hidden in the new Collect Mobile version, until I opened the summary table. Unfortunately the hidden fields lead to massive problems, because they don't show up even in case they are relevant and columns in the overview table are missing. My survey crashes since then, whenever I browse through the overview table.

Example: I have a field in my tree table that is only relevant for certain trees (set to "hide when not relevant"). This field does not show up in the overview of the tree table, even if I have some of these trees. That makes it, that the whole table and Collect crashes.

I hope you have a solution, we like to start field work next week... Thank you, Lutz

asked 25 Feb '18, 22:54

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I see that the overview table structure is dependent on the tree that is currently selected. If this tree has less fields (because some variables are hidden), the respective columns in the overview table are missing. Collect mobile tries to fill this table for all trees (where some of them should have more columns)... Obviously it would be necessary to build up the table with the maximum number of columns that trees can have.

(26 Feb '18, 07:57) Fehrmann Fehrmann's gravatar image

Dear Lutz,
Many thanks for reporting this issue.
In the latest version of Collect Mobile you will not have this problema anymore: the non relevant attributes will be visible (but you cannot navigate to it, of course).
Please update it and let us know if it fits your needs.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 27 Feb '18, 10:02

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Thank you so much, the new version runs smoothly without problems!


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answered 27 Feb '18, 13:07

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