Dear OF Team,

I have a code attribute set to multiple choice and a simple expression defined for its relevancy. When I tick the "Hide when not relevant" box, the field stays hidden regardless the result of the relevancy expression. Could you check if this is a bug? I have checked and this is happening in the preview, and working in Collect Mobile.

Thanks! Andras

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Hi Anrás,
Can you double check the expression you use for the relevancy trigger? (define it in a boolean calculated attribute for example and see if it's value changes properly).
Also, can you please tell us what kind of multiple attribute have you defined? Is it a code attribute?
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 06 Apr '18, 15:40

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The attribute is not a multiple one, it is a single code attribute. I want to allow the user to select multiple instances from the code list. The relevancy is defined using the previous code attribute (prev_att > 1). Relevancy works if I remove the tick for hiding the field. I.e. the field is grayed out. After testing, the relevancy works on a simple numeric attribute. It seems that the problem is with the multiple choice combined with hiding the attribute (if I remove the tick from Multiple and/or from the Hide when not relevant, the field works as expected).

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