Hi OF, collect mobile is not working after updating 3.22.0. please update collect mobile for collect desktop version 3.22.0. Thank you very much.

asked 30 May '18, 05:51

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Hi Rajkumar,

Until the development team fixes this you could edit the info.properties file in your .collect-mobile file. Rename the file to .zip, open the zipped file and edit info.properties by replacing collect_version=3.22.0 with collect_version=3.21.14. Then name it back to .collect-mobile. Import should work now.

This has worked for me.

@ OF Team: thanks, now import to CM works on my Samsung S8+ running Android 8.0.0 (if any of you experiences problems during import (CM crashes during survey import), update to CM 1.6.6)

(30 May '18, 11:28) Andras Andras's gravatar image

Dear all,
The latest version of Collect Mobile (1.6.6) has been released yesterday and it is compatible with Collect Desktop 3.22.x.
Open Foris Team

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answered 30 May '18, 14:05

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Dear OF Team,

I have updated CM to 1.6.6 (update done this morning) and Collect to 3.22.0. When I try to import a survey exported from Collect I get an error message about CM not being able to import forms from 3.22.x.

BR, Andras

(30 May '18, 14:55) Andras Andras's gravatar image

Dear András,
Please verify that the complete version number appearing in Collect Mobile is 1.6.6 (134); the previous built was "supposed to be" compatible with Collect 3.22.x but actually it was not...!
Many thanks for reporting this issue,
Open Foris Team

(30 May '18, 17:43) OF Collect ♦♦ OF%20Collect's gravatar image
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