I seem to have successfully installed Calc 2.1 but now, when I try to launch the Open Foris Calc Control Panel, nothing happens. There is no error, it simply doesn't run. Could this be a problem with my installation? I followed instructions carefully regarding R, JDK and postgres... Also it appears that there are problems with links to several key documentation sources (e.g., http://www.openforis.org/tools/calc/tutorials/calc-21-user-manual.html and http://www.openforis.org/tools/calc/tutorials/installation.html do not work for me). Thanks for any help you can provide!

asked 16 Nov '18, 14:12

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The link of the documentation is available at http://www.openforis.org/tools/calc/tutorials/calc-21-user-manual.html . The other link is very old, if you follow the path from the OpenForis website you will end up to the link above.

Make sure you have installed and followed all the instructions.

which operating system are you using?

do you have idk?

do you install R in c:/opt?

did you install postgres on the default port 5432?

did you set the right postgres password when installing calc?

Thank you, Mino

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answered 16 Nov '18, 14:35

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