this is my second time to ask the question. Here is my scenario.

i just switched from Windows 7 to windows 10, and realized that Collect Earth won't open the Bing Maps as i clicked on the plot. But it did well on my windows 7 computer. I tried to switch to Firefox, but the problem is the same.

I am pretty sure Chrome and firefox are installed on my computer. i also put Chrome executable directly in the Tools -> Properties dialog. The same thing, the same error.

Below are errors i got:

[ERROR] 2018-11-30 08:38:57 Exception opening Bing Maps window org.openforis.collect.earth.app.service.BrowserNotFoundException: Neither Chrome nor Firefox could be opened. You need to have one of them installed in order to use GEE, Bing Maps or Saiku. at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.service.BrowserService.chooseDriver(BrowserService.java:156) ~[CollectEarth.jar:?] at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.service.BrowserService.initBrowser(BrowserService.java:264) ~[CollectEarth.jar:?] at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.service.BrowserService.openBingMaps(BrowserService.java:437) ~[CollectEarth.jar:?] at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.server.PlacemarkBrowserServlet$OpenBrowserThread$2.run(PlacemarkBrowserServlet.java:123) [CollectEarth.jar:?]

What is the problem?



asked 04 Dec '18, 03:21

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i have tried Collect Earth on several new computers with Windows 10 Enterprise, i got the same issue. Since we could figure out the solution, i may need to give up this app.

Thanks for the help,


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answered 10 Dec '18, 16:17

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Hi Jinkai,

I am really sorry about the issue. The problem is that we cannot reproduce the problem in our computers with Windows 10...and the exception doesn't really give much information on what could be going wrong...

Just as a last resort, what are the versions of Firefox and Google Chrome you have installed in the computers? Perhaps they are newer in your region than in ours (Italy).


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answered 10 Dec '18, 20:46

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