I am having problems using Google Engine with collect Earth. From some days to now, google Engine is not zooming into the plots as previously (I obtain just a general view of the Earth map). I verified that the version of Collect Earth is updated, and that the advanced properties are correctly selected. I switch between google chrome and firefox but in both the result is the same. I am not sure what happened since it is not only in my computer, I verified that the same problems is happening in my laptop too. Do you have any idea about how could I fix this problem? Thanks Nuria

asked 25 Mar '15, 19:23

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Hello Nuria,

I think the problem might be related to a bug in Collect Earth that prevents the update of the Javascript functions that allow Collect Earth to zoom into a Google Earth Engine plot.

Could you please try to perform these steps?

  1. Close Collect Earth if it is still running Go to the folder C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\CollectEarth ( attention, the AppData folder is hidden, in order to be able to see it you must enable the view of the hidden folders in windows file explorer : follow this guide )

  2. Open the file earth.properties file that you can find in the Collect Earth folder and make sure that the parameters called gee_js_pickFunction, gee_js_zoom_method and gee_js_zoom_object have no values, they should look like this after you edit them ::

  3. Restart Collect Earth and try again to click on a plot.

Please let me know if this fixes your issue otherwise tell me the exact firefox/chrome version number. I will probably have a fix ready for the updater/installer by the end of the week.

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answered 25 Mar '15, 23:23

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thanks for the answer and help. With these easily indications i could fix the problem.



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answered 26 Mar '15, 17:24

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We just released a new version of Collect Earth that should fix this problem once and for all.

Let us know if there are more issues

(26 Mar '15, 17:39) Open Foris ♦♦ Open%20Foris's gravatar image

I am having this same problem and the above solution did not work. I am using Collect Earth version 1.2.10 and chrome version 46.0.2490.86 . Thank you!

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answered 24 Nov '15, 11:34

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Google Earth Engine has changed URL and thus Collect Earth has had a bit of a problem.

I you update to the latest version of Collect Earth (1.2.12) then it should work fine again!


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answered 24 Nov '15, 14:38

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edited 24 Nov '15, 14:38

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