Hi OF team,

I have a question: Is it possible for the future to hide those of "not calculated attributes" and make it invisible in the mobile while working in the field. e.g. for the control work we would need that the Field Teams can't see the date and time in the mobile so that they will not be available to change the date or time and current date and time will be automatically recorded.

Thank you very much in advance Beka

asked 15 Mar '19, 08:23

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Dear Beka,

one trick to do this is to use Relevancy check that never comes TRUE. For example: sample plot number should be negative, or something equal..

Regards, Lauri

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answered 15 Mar '19, 11:08

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Dear Lauri, First of all thanks for your quick response. Is it possible in non-calculated attributes to have a "show in entry form" like it has calculated attributes. The reason why we,d like to have it because to include additional hidden control mechanism for field workers.

(15 Mar '19, 12:50) beka beka's gravatar image

Thanks for the answer, but I could not do this as it could be done in previous version. this exports blank data. Thank you.

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answered 15 Mar '19, 15:12

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I think this is because irrelevant fields are not calculated, which makes sense.

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answered 22 Mar '19, 07:07

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