Dear OFC, I am developing a form. This form is needed a date and time attribute. I want to fill date and time automatically without User intervention. Calculated field can not do this job, Because the date and time changes dynamically in the time of exporting. For this I tried to set default value with current date and time. But this field is visible and user can change the date and time. I want to hide this field from user. I guess I have done the same job in the previous survey with Only when expression is verified false() and checking Hide when not relevant. But now it is not working. When exporting the field is black. Please give me the Idea. Thank you.

asked 15 Mar '19, 16:37

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Dear user,
We will add soon an option to the survey designer to allow a calculated attribute to be "re-calculated" every time or only the first time the form is filled.
Open Foris Team

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answered 21 Mar '19, 14:36

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How much will it be good. Very very appreciated. Thank you very much. It will must solve our problem.

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answered 21 Mar '19, 14:38

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Hi OFT, Thanks for adding above option in collect. But still it is not working for date and time. I am not sure for date where as for time it is not working when checking to calculate only at once. They got the same time for all record which was expected for different time.

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answered 07 Apr '19, 17:59

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