I have cleaned some of my data in Collect, exported the cleaned data to Collect/Calc data. When I try and upload the cleaned data in Collect Earth, I get this error message:

[ERROR] 2019-03-27 11:08:20 Error during data export java.lang.NullPointerException: null at org.openforis.collect.io.data.XMLDataImportProcess.importEntries(XMLDataImportProcess.java:443) ~[collect-core-3.24.12.jar:?] at org.openforis.collect.io.data.XMLDataImportProcess.importPackagedFile(XMLDataImportProcess.java:377) [collect-core-3.24.12.jar:?] at org.openforis.collect.io.data.XMLDataImportProcess.call(XMLDataImportProcess.java:147) [collect-core-3.24.12.jar:?] at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.service.DataImportExportService.importRecordsFrom(DataImportExportService.java:165) [CollectEarth.jar:?] at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.view.ImportXMLDialogProcessMonitor.startImport(ImportXMLDialogProcessMonitor.java:132) [CollectEarth.jar:?] at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.view.ImportActionListener$1.run(ImportActionListener.java:114) [CollectEarth.jar:?]

I have been stuck with this for a while. Anybody with an idea on how the error can be addressed?

Many thanks,


asked 27 Mar '19, 16:17

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