Dear all,

I do have a question regarding the labelling under "other labels" in Collect:

  • List heading: refers to what list?
  • Field number: clear, refers to the field form and the collect mobile form, attributes can be assigned certain numbers. If I do that, the fields have numbers, but the order is not necessarily changed according to the numbers. What exactly are the numbers for?;
  • Abbreviated: Where can this be used?;
  • Reporting Saiku (eng): clear, works. Is it possible to also create drop down menues in Saiku?;
  • Reporting notes: Where and how can that be used?;
  • Interview questions: How to use that? In a questionnaire?;
  • Field from label: clear, works;
  • Collect mobile label: clear, works;

Thanks a lot :)

asked 17 Apr '19, 15:15

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Hi Lydia,
Probably in a near future we will add some documentation about this in the manual or better in Collect user interface... anyway, let me answer you in order:

  • List heading: it applies only to multiple entities: when you define an entity as multiple, this label will be shown as "heading" of the table
  • Field number: sometimes it can be useful to have a field manual (or survey guide) that describes each field in detail. Giving every field a number helps to identify the fields in the manual.
  • Abbreviated: it can be used in tables if you want to provide an abbreviated label to a field (column).
  • Reporting (Saiku): drop down menus in Saiku? Where exactly? Saiku is not developed by us... it's just a software we have included for data reporting.
  • Reporting notes and interview questions: are for future developments, they have never been used... You could use them for documentation purposes.

Thanks a lot!
Open Foris Team

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answered 18 Apr '19, 10:54

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Dear OF team,

thanks a lot for the answer :)

Kind regards,

(21 Apr '19, 13:46) Lydia Lydia's gravatar image
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