Hi there,

Having completed two assessments using Open Foris Collect Earth, I have been made aware that one of the classes I used is not relevant for the project area. In essence, for all the plots that I used this classification - I need to assign these points to another class type.

While I know that it is possible to edit a survey through the collect earth interface, this will take a considerable amount of time to revisit all of the different plots. Is there a way of batch editing the output (the land cover class) in the csv and then reloading it?

Thanks Becky

asked 23 Apr '19, 10:56

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Hi Becky,

So here the easiest solution is to use the option to update the database using a CSV file.

First, through Saiku, create a CSV file using the plot id and the land cover class that you want to modify. You then export that to CSV using the Saiku tool. Say that I have asurve where each plot has a single ID attribute (id) and a land cover attribute (lc_class) and we want to change all plots classified as Broadleaf (BRLF) to Broadleaf Mature (BRLFMAT)

You end up with a CSV like this:


Then in Excel you cnahge the CSV so that all plots have the new class BRLMAT


Now in Collect Earth you go to Tools->Data Import/Export->Update current records using CSV alt text

You choose the CSV file with the plots that have to be changed and after the import is done you can run Saiku again (Tools->Start Saiku Analysis) and choose to refresh the Saiku datatabase (as teh original Collect Earth database data has changed)

Let me know if this explanation wasn't clear.

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answered 24 Apr '19, 13:32

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Thank you for this answer, what you say is very clear. However, I have not had success. I have 4 fields that need updating:

number of dots on LC1 number of dots on trees in LC1 number of confidence T/F for LC1 number of dots on LC2 number of dots on trees in LC2 number of confidence T/F for LC2

I am basically adding the dots and the dots that fall on trees from LC1 to LC2 because LC1 doesnt exist...

There are automatic checks that say that they the # of dots on LC1 and LC2 = < total # dots there are There is automatic check to make sure # dots on trees in LC1 is less than # dots in LC1

...so I can't update them one field at a time unfortunately.

when I import the data from the csv nothing seems to happen. there is no confirmation notice or anything to say that the update has happened (nor is there an error)...but then when I check the plots...no change is seen

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answered 24 Apr '19, 18:04

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