Dear OF Team,

I have tried to connect CM to our server, which is confirmed to be up and running. The connection used to work, now tests in CM throw an error. CM verison: 1.7.3[160], Collect version in server: 3.23.2, Android version 9.

Thanks for your help in advance! Andras

asked 25 Apr '19, 14:53

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Hi András,
You should update the version of Collect to the latest one (3.24.19) to be compatible with the latest version of CM.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 25 Apr '19, 15:33

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Thanks for the fast reply. I've been downloading the jetty war file to update Collect in the server. The latest seems to be collect-webapp-jetty-3.23.7.war. Will this be OK? If not, what should I do?

(25 Apr '19, 16:24) Andras Andras's gravatar image

In the latest version of Collect there is no difference between the Tomcat and the Jetty war file, you can find the latest version of it at this address:

(26 Apr '19, 09:29) OF Collect ♦♦ OF%20Collect's gravatar image

This has been solved by updating Collect to 3.24.19 in the server and a fix provided for Android 8+ in the 1.7.3[161] version of Collect Mobile.

Thanks Stefano for your support!

(03 May '19, 07:37) Andras Andras's gravatar image
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