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To my survey I added a Sampling Point Data file with two hierarchical layers (Level 1 = Plot ID, Level 2 = Tree ID). I set this code attribute as key. In the Preview Mode or when I enter new data, there is no drop-down List where I could choose codes from my list. There is only a field in which I can type a number. Do you know any advice?

asked 30 Apr '19, 16:26

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Dear Sabrina,
The Sampling Point Data is used only when the users know already the value to insert (e.g. the cluster number to be assessed) and is used to check that the value exists.
Sometimes the list can be very long, this is why the values are not shown in a dropdown list.
Maybe in a near future we will add an autocomplete field for that.
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 02 May '19, 13:51

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Thanks for the update. I know the existing values (plot ID and tree ID)in my survey. They are included in my Sampling Point Data file. In a previous survey there was a drop down list from which I could choose the codes. Can you explain why it doesn't appear in the new survey anymore?

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answered 03 May '19, 16:30

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In the meantime, I found out that I have to create two attribute fields and set a parent code if my Sampling Point files contain two hierarchical levels. If I want to collect data, a drop-down list with the codes appears for level 1. For level 2 a code list is missing. What do I have to change to display the codes for level 2?

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answered 04 May '19, 11:46

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