I was wondering, is it possible to control zoom levels in Collect Earth, while one fly on a plot. My polygons are small in size and when I click on a plot number in the left panel, I see multiple polygons in my screen. Is there an option for zoom control?



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Hi again!

Collect Earth does not have any specific setting for controlling the zoom level at which features are shown in Google Earth.

We do however have the option to go a bit into the KML contents that are generated by Collect Earth and open by Google Earth.

If you open the CEP file of your project using WinZIP/WinRAR ( you could for instance right-click on it and use @Open with...@ or rename de project.cep to project.zip ), you will find a file inside it called kml_template.fmt . This is a Freemarker template file that directs how Collect Earth generated the KML files open by Google Earth,

alt text

This file can be opened on a text editor. There you will find a line that says : <range>400</range> . This is the height of the point of view of Google Earth when the plot (placemark) is clicked on. You can change it and make it smaller or larger (depending if you want to be closer or further away from the plot).

Save the edits (this should also be saved on the ZIP) then rename the project.zip back to project.cep and open it on Collect Earth, you should be able to see the different zooming level.

Of course, you will need to repeat this procedure every time you generate a new CEP file, as Collect Survey Designer uses 400 meters as the standard view elevation of the KML files.

Hope this answer was easy to understand.

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answered 25 Nov '19, 16:38

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Thanks for your answer. It was very helpful!

Thanks Kanchana

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