Dear all, I want add an older data-set into the new data-set; the data structure of the old survey has been updated to exactly the same data structure; only the survey names are different: FAILED Packaged survey uri ( is different from the expected one ( Can somebody help me here? Joseph

asked 15 Mar, 12:11

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Dear Joseph,

if the survey names do not match, you can change the survey name in your old backup file. Well, this is a bit laborious but follow these steps:

1) copy your xx.collect-backup -> yy.collect-backup

2) rename yy.collect-backup ->

3) unzip (

4) open idml.xml in NotePad++ and change survey name at line <url> to match with new name, and then save this.

5) open in NotePad++ and change similarly survey name at 2 lines (lines starting with texts 'survey_url' and 'survey_name'). Save the file.

6) Unzip all these 2 files + folders that were in the original zip.

7) Rename -> zz.collect-backup

8) Import into Collect.

This method works also with collect-data files.

regards, Lauri

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answered 16 Mar, 16:26

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Perfect Lauri, i could update all old records in the new database! As I made 'Field-date'as a 2nd key besides the Object-ID, i have now several 'multitemporal'series for monitoring analysis purpose (but that will be another question :-). Thanks a lot, Joseph.

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answered 17 Mar, 11:58

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