Can we use saiku for the analysis of uncertainties? Many thanks,

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Even if Saiku is a very powerful tool for the mining of the data collected through Collect Earth, its features are not designed for the complex calculation of the sampling uncertainties.

In this case something like R or excel are more appropriate.

We use the uncertainty calculation proposed by the IPCC, you can read more about this in this paper ( LINK TO MDPI ), point 2.4.2

alt text

These are two excel sheets you can use, one for the calculation of the uncertainties at the IPCC subcategory level ( LINK TO EXCEL 1 ) and another one a bit more advanced that calculates the uncertainties at the IPCC Category and Forest category level, with also some graphs that can be used ( LINK TO EXCEL 2 )

Both of these Excels are designed to be used with the IPCC Land Use conversion data from Saiku. You can edit them so that you can use the same logic for other attributes. If you want to follow the original design then you need to open Saiku and then generate a query with the land use subcategory (or conversion) per plot dimension and the plot count and area measure. The result would be something like this:

alt text

Export the result as CSV and copy paste the corresponding columns into the Excel sheets ( first columns on the left )

alt text

You should paste the result into the Excels (the current data in the first three columns is "dummy data")

alt text

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