This thread from 2017 asked about flash dependence and the future of OF Collect. As far as I can tell, Collect still uses flash for its forms, and the end of Flash support is rapidly approaching. Is there going to be an update to fix this or will Collect deprecate with Flash at the end of the year?

asked 26 May '20, 19:11

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Version 4 of Collect is finally out!

This version is completely free of Flash usage so it is safe to use in the future. You can update from your older version or install it from our website :

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answered 21 Dec '20, 10:24

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Thank you for this question.

We are committed to keeping Collect and the rest of the Open Foris tools supported and maintained in the coming future. Open Foris Collect is currently being transitioned to being fully Flash-free and a new version with no Flash components should be expected by October. Right now the flash components are all located on the data management input forms while the rest of the Collect functionality currently does not depend on Flash.

You need not worry about the sustainability as many projects (including within FAO, our organization) are based and depend on the well being of Collect and we are doing the utmost to have a continuously improved platform incorporating the feedback from our customers.

Regards, The Open Foris team

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answered 26 May '20, 22:07

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