I am going to be driving a remote Collect Earth training to some colleagues and I would like to have some advice on how you usually handle these trainings.


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Usually we do these training through Zoom which allows the use of the breakout rooms as well as having a feature that allows you to "remote-control" a participant computer, whcih is very helpful when there is an installation issue.

The participants should have a decent internet connection in order to be able to follow the training properly. But it is difficult to say exactly what is a decent connection, I guess something stable and at least 5 Mbps.

Before the training we send an email like this to the participants to make sure that they have everything ready in advance :

Dear all,

As a way to ensure a smooth start of the training I would like you all to follow these steps:

How to set-up your computer for a Collect Earth training :

  • Install Collect Earth (even if you already have it from previous exercises I recommend to re-install it). You can download it from these links : WINDOWS Installer , MAC OS X Installer , LINUX Installer .

  • Install Google Earth Pro, you can download from THIS LINK

  • Install Google Chrome ( LINK ) if you don’t already have it. If you have it, then make sure that is up to date with versions 80 or 81 ( see here on how to update Google Chrome )

  • Install Open Foris Collect (LINK) this is the software that is used for designing Collect Earth surveys.

  • Install the Zoom Client for Meetings (LINK) we will be using this software for the video-conferencing

  • If you don’t have Excel (Microsoft Office) installed then try and install LibreOffice (LINK) (free and open source Office package ) we might need to open some CSV files through Excel/LibreOffice Calc.

Make sure you have headphones for your computer so that you can listen to us well and we can hear your comments high and clear. In most modern computers you can use the same headphones that you have for your cellphone ( mic/audio jack is the same), test them first!

If you have a mouse, use it! Collect Earth does require the users to do a lot of clicking that might be difficult using a laptop touch pad.

Finally, as a reminder, do register to become a Google Earth Engine Trusted tester here if you have not done it yet : https://signup.earthengine.google.com/#!/

Regards, XXXX

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