Hi all,

I can't install Calc. I do have (updated) Java and R installed but get the following error msg before installer is aborted: There has been an error. The installer could not find a valid Java (tm) on this machine. Supported versions: Vendor: Any min 1.8 max. any JDK required.

What to do? Any ideas?


asked 15 Feb '16, 15:54

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Dear Mino,

thanks for your quick answer! Somehow I had missed the info about the installation requirements. Unfortunately, I still do have problems indeed. After trying to start calc I get following error msg:

Error: R.DLL version does not match (DLL:3.2.3, expecting: 3.1.0)

I guess I have a version of something that is very new (3.2.3) and should be 3.1.0, but what is it? R?

Thanks in advance for hinting which software I would have to downgrade!

Best regards,

(17 Feb '16, 14:05) wexxo wexxo's gravatar image

Dear wexxo,

Calc1 needs to use R 3.1. From what i see, you have probably installed R 3.2.

Here, you can see all the installation requirements: http://www.openforis.org/tools/calc/tutorials/installation.html

During the last months, we realized that the integration between R and Calc (through Java), implemented using rJava library, is not the most efficient solution that meets the flexibility requirements that Calc should have.

For this reason, we're currently working on the new version of Calc (Calc 2.0); this version will remove the constraints of using a specific version of R and will also make the installation more error free.

The new version should be available in a very near future (probably a week or two). Please stay tuned, or let me know if you want to receive an email when it will be available.

Thank you,


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answered 19 Feb '16, 10:31

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Mino Togna ♦♦
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Dear wexxo,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Most likely there's no problem with Calc installer; it seems that the JDK is not installed on your computer.

Have you had a look at the documentation about the installation requirements http://www.openforis.org/tools/calc/tutorials/installation.html ?

If you still have problems, make sure you install Java correctly: https://www.google.it/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=how+to+install+jdk&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&gfe_rd=cr&ei=kQfDVrSMOKvD8geB2q2wBw

Thank you, Mino

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answered 16 Feb '16, 12:29

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Mino Togna ♦♦
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