Hi all,

I am starting to think, I might be useless, as I can't import my csv file including the sampling point data. Please help! Maybe I just got a tiny detail wrong, nonetheless I can't figure this out. I believe I am doing everything according to the instructions...

This is an extract of my csv file:






However, I keep getting this error msg when trying to import: row 1 Missing required columns, required columns are: level1_code,x,y,srs_id

Please help!!

best regards!

asked 18 Feb '16, 15:13

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Hi, I created a CSV file by copying and pasting the text of your message. I had to replace the double quotes with the correct symbol (") and the import completed successfully. Could it be that the problem? You can even try to import an Excel file, without converting it into CSV.
Open Foris Team

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answered 18 Feb '16, 15:21

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Hi Ricci,

thanks for trying to help. However, I did the same as you (copying my text and replacing the double quotes with "the correct symbol", meaning I copied and pasted the symbol you have given in parentheses ("), to no avail however. I keep getting the same error message.

I would like to know, in what exactly my table/text differs from the sampling-design-import-example.xls?

Thanks again!

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answered 19 Feb '16, 07:52

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Hi again,

I just tried to import the given example file (mentioned above) and I get the same error message. Please clarify if this is a bug or if the problem is on my side.


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answered 19 Feb '16, 08:06

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Hey there,

so, the problem was on my side! Reading this: http://www.openforis.org/support/questions/266/sampling-point-data-cant-import-the-file-csv helped! It also explained why I couldn't open the example file!

Sorry for the fuss!

Thanks a mil

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answered 19 Feb '16, 08:26

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