There is a validation problem when I try to complete the form on the pop-up and hit the submit button.

The error that appears is this one Error: collect_coord_location: Invalid_coordinate.

I've tried with my CSV files both in UTM and Geographic location and the problem is still happening.

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alt text

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asked 10 Mar '16, 13:41

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This reply is about 3 years late, hope you have somehow resolved it. In any case, here is my suggestion.

I am using the latest version of Collect Earth (v 1.9.2). As far as I am aware, for the Coordinate entity in Survey Designer > Schema, your input .csv must have the columns as 'YCoordinate' and 'XCoordinate'. Once you have prepared your input .csv to have those columns (and other columns as defined by your Schema), you can input it as a file in the Survey Designer > Info.

Additionally, you can try opening Google Earth and selecting your preferred coordinate system. I suggest using decimal degrees, and also using decimal degrees for your YCoordinate (Lat) and XCoordinate (Lon). I have never tried it with a UTM projection, so I am unsure if it will work.

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answered 27 Dec '19, 04:47

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In Collect Earth the default Spatial Reference System (SRS) is EPSG:4327 ( WGS 84 ), this means that the expected latitude and longitude of the central points of the plot should be from -90 to 90 latitude and -180 to 180 for longitude.

So, the simplest solution is to generate your grid in whatever projection you want and then re-project to WGS84 and use that for the CSV in Collect Earth.

You can also try to change the SRS used by the survey (in Collect Survey Designer, in the info tab when you edit the survey), remove the default SRS (EPSG:4327) and add the one that you want to use...this is an approach that we seldom use so it would be advisable to stick to the default SRS...

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answered 04 Jan '20, 18:34

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