Hello there

I'm working on a project , Internet speed is very good but the graphics too late opening ( NDVI ,NDWI ,EVI vs)

What is the problem , I would be glad if you help , thank you...

asked 23 Jun '16, 12:01

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I think that this is a genral problem with Google Earth Engine being a bit slow.

You could try changing the standard Google Earth Engine script being loaded by Collect Earth.

To do this you need to edit the survey and add a modified script.

The script that is loaded in Google Earth Engine is actually a freemarker-template type of text file. The original one that is used by Collect Earth, located in C:\OpenForis\CollectEarth\resources\eePlaygroundScript.fmt . This script contains a lot of graphs and layers that may take a while to load.

This is an example (link to file) of a simplified script that only loads the Landsat 7 and Modis NDVI graphs from 2000 onwards. Yo can download it and use it instead for your survey!

IMPORTANT: If you modify the script freemarker-template make sure not to remove the lines where the plot variable is declared,


In Collect you have the option to add your own script file in the main page of the Survey Designer.

Afterwards, export the survey as a CEP file and load it through Collect Earth.

alt text

Important here to select that the file is of type "Earth Engine"

alt text

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answered 27 Jun '16, 21:49

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El otro tema importante a considerar son las lineas en donde se llama a las coordenadas desde el CSV.

Saludos Cordiales.

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answered 01 Jul '16, 15:45

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