hello team when i convert a shape (polygon)file to a kml file from Qgis and edit in a fusion table to get a csv file, this file does not open in collect earth. but when i create a polygon (kml) file directly from google earth it opens and works properly in collect earth. what could be the problem?

i need your help, thanks Teo

asked 30 Jun '16, 09:38

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Thanks Francisco and Antonia for pointing out the problem and the solution!

The newest version of Collect Earth (1.3.9 from today 5th of July 2016) addresses this problem! So that even the KMLs generated directly from ArcGIS/QGis should be working fine.

On another note, I have also noticed that sometimes when downloading a CSV file from a Fusion table some of the polygon descriptions are "cut" so that part of the KML Polygon element is missing ( the last few hundred characters).

This might happen with very complex polygons! So beware of this issue! When you download the CSV from Fusion tables make sure that the polygon descriptions end with </polygon>

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answered 05 Jul '16, 13:00

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Dear Francisco,

Thank you very much for your reply! For those who are not fluent in Spanish, here in English:

The key to this problem is that Google does not only include information about the vertices that make up the polygon, but also information about the elevation, in form of the coordinate "Z". You can see that in the field that contains the polygon (these coordinates in the polygon uploaded to the fusion table from Google are presented like 0.0).

This is the reason for why you can't load the polygons exported straight from QGIS into the fusion table and then into Collect Earth. Instead, you have to open the kml in Google Earth first, and save from there as new kml. This adds the missing Z coordinates.

After that you can upload it to the fusion table.

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answered 05 Jul '16, 10:45

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Hola Teo, Saludos desde Chile!!

La clave de esto es que google ademas de agregar información sobre los vértices que conforman el polígono, también agrega información de alturas, en la forma de coordenada "Z", lo que puedes ver al revisar el campo que conforma el polígono (estas coordenadas en el polígono subido a fusión table desde google se presentan como 0.0).

esa es la razón por la que no se pueden cargar los poligonos directo desde qgis a fusión table. el truco es abrir el kml en google y luego guardarlo desde ahí a otro kml. eso añadirá la coordenada que falta.

luego de eso puedes subirlo a fusión table.

Saludos Cordiales.

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answered 01 Jul '16, 15:33

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thank you so much. it works after updating collect earth

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answered 16 Aug '16, 12:31

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