Dear OF Team,

in OF Collect ver 3.10.15, I would like to know more about the Data cleansing map, as I need it for presentation purposes of a test. However, when trying to display the test points, I receive an "internal server error" msg. How can I display my sampling points in that map view?


PS: There is no direct link back to the index view!

asked 04 Aug '16, 13:45

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Hi Alex,
That feature is still under development, sorry that we didn't put a "beta" note on the tab title... The problem is that maybe the survey you selected is a "temporary" survey, that means that there are not published changes on that survey.
Try to publish the survey and come back again to the Data Cleansing module, then into the Map tab.
Let us know, thanks.
Open Foris Team

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answered 04 Aug '16, 17:15

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Dear OF team, Indeed I would like to use/test this module, seems very useful, particularly the map. Could you answer with a small manual/demo how to proceed: data error type (code, label, description), ... Is this module only applicable in case of an 'error message'; or can we check also the errors/warnings in data management (having no code)? Map points become visible after selecting in box in upper right corner of map, however 1) sampling points not visible on street map: maybe change line color from white to black 2) position and location: process stops hanging 3) starting position gives 'internal server error' J

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answered 05 Aug '16, 13:21

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Dear Stefano,

thanks for your answer. When the survey is completely published it seems to work better. I say better, because only some plots are shown and when I try to display the plots of a similar (published) survey, actually a clone of the first, the map freezes, showing "process status, elapsed time", etc. but nothing happens. Anyways, the hint that this feature still has a beta status, already clarifies the issue!

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answered 05 Aug '16, 14:21

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