Hi, we are currently running a test installation of OF Collect (v3.10.16) on a local Windows 7 desktop maschine. OF Collect works as it should and we were able to import a dataset (~160 Plots, ~3700 Trees, +some other table). After the sucessfull import of the CSV files the system gets quite slow. Particular the table view of the tree table is slow / nearly unresponsive. Any idea how to increase the performance? Should we increase java memory? If yes where? Greetings from Göttingen


asked 25 Aug '16, 10:59

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Dear Paul,
This problem can be due to the fact that you have a large number of trees per plot (more than 200?) so the table view becomes a bit slow, depending on the number of attributes defined for the tree entity. We worked already a lot to improve the performance of the table view; the table is not rendered entirely but only the visible rows are rendered in the user interface, but unfortunately it's not sufficient in all the cases.
This is something that you cannot solve by increasing the Java memory, it's something related more to the user interface, but we are planning to rebuild completely the user interface by next year using newer and more powerful user interface frameworks, so please be patient. Meanwhile we will contact you in a private context so that you can share with us your data if you want and we can test it.
Thank you a lot.
Open Foris Team

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answered 25 Aug '16, 11:43

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Dear Paul,
We checked your survey and data and we verified that unfortunately there is not too much we can do to increase the performance of the tree list view right now, so please be patient until we release a completely new user interface next year...
Many thanks,
Open Foris Team

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answered 26 Aug '16, 18:15

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