Dear OpenForis Team,

when trying to create a calc workspace by importing a collect-data file we encounter the following Java Format error:

ERROR ( [importCollectData]:101) - Error extracting survey from Collect backup file 
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "number(parent()/general_datos/parcela_bosque_tipo=2)"
    at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(
    at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
    at java.lang.Integer.valueOf( ...

The workspace and postgres tables are not created. The data we are importing is one plot only which was sucessfully validated in Collect. Obviously the error is related to the hierarchical code list 'bosque_tipo'. Which can be 1 or 2 in the first level and 11 or 21,22,23 .. in the second level. We don't face any errors in collect (validation is fine) nor in Sakiku where we can create the cubes and generate tables with results.

Any suggestions why Calc cannot handle the Schema?

Greetings from Göttingen


asked 26 Sep '16, 14:03

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Hi Alex,

are you running the latest Calc ?

If the problem still exists, can you send us the dataset you are trying to import?

Thank you, Mino

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answered 27 Feb '17, 14:42

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Mino Togna ♦♦
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Dear Mino,

I seem to have a similar problem like Paul, i.e. no error in collect/Saiku, but when I import the collect-data, the import fails and I receive the error message posted below:

Any idea what the problem could be?

Greetings from Georgia!


Error in 'Import metadata' java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.openforis.collect.relational.model.DataTable.getParentKeyColumn()Lorg/openforis/collect/relational/model/DataParentKeyColumn; at org.openforis.calc.collect.CollectMetadataImportTask.createEntity( at org.openforis.calc.collect.CollectMetadataImportTask.access$000( at org.openforis.calc.collect.CollectMetadataImportTask$1.visit( at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.EntityDefinition.dfsTraverse( at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.EntityDefinition.traverse( at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.Schema.traverse( at org.openforis.idm.metamodel.Schema.traverse( at org.openforis.calc.collect.CollectMetadataImportTask.createEntities( at org.openforis.calc.collect.CollectMetadataImportTask.updateWorkspaceMetadata( at org.openforis.calc.collect.CollectMetadataImportTask.execute( at at org.openforis.calc.engine.Job.execute( at at at org.openforis.calc.engine.TaskManager$ at org.springframework.core.task.SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor$ at

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answered 24 Feb '17, 16:53

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Dear Paul,

It seems there's a problem while the survey has been extracted. Could you please send the all error stack trace?

Thank you,


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answered 26 Sep '16, 15:38

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Mino Togna ♦♦
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