In our survey the surveyors have to take one or more photos at a sample point. Currently it is not really clear to me how the filename for the photo is generated. I fear that once we pool the data from the differnt surveyors together that their might be duplicate filenames.

Is it possible to change the photo file name to the key attributes in the survey? In my case I have 3 key attributes defining a sample point the district_ID, segment_ID and the sample point_ID. For each sample point one or more photos are taken. It would be great if the photos would have the key attributes as filename, if more than one photo is attached to one sample unit a count like xx-yyyyy-z-1.jpg, xx-yyyyy-z-1.jpg, ... would be great.

asked 28 Sep '16, 09:45

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On Collect Mobile, a device-generated filename is used. Once the data is imported into Collect Desktop, universally unique identifiers (UUID) will be used as filenames, preventing the issue you describe.

The reason we don’t include information about key attributes in the filenames is that those values might change. While it’s technically possible to rename files when related key attributes change values, it take some work to implement. We’ll keep that feature in mind, and will see if we find a clean way, and the time, to implement it.

Something I will try to include in the next release is to make sure Collect Mobile also uses UUIDs as filenames. There is currently the possibility of filename collisions when starting to collect data from one device then continue on another.

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answered 28 Sep '16, 11:42

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So if I understand correctly, after processing the data through collect desktop the photo names would be unique? Is this correct or did I misinterpret?

Could you provide some advice on how to manage photos generated through multiple devices and avoiding naming collision when all photos are brought to one location?

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answered 06 Oct '16, 15:26

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Yes, that's correct. In Collect Desktop, all photos will get unique names, even if their original names would have collided. That means you don't have to do anything to avoid naming collisions.

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That's great - but how do i export the photos from collect? All i see is the option for csv and collect-data files. Can you outline the steps?

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answered 06 Oct '16, 15:37

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Can you create a new question for that, and tag it with collect, please? It'll make it easier for other users to find this information. I'm sure Stefano can give you an answer on that. Myself, I don't know.

(06 Oct '16, 15:43) wiell wiell's gravatar image
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