'Taxon' attributes in Collect are very useful when connected to a good species list. When you create a species list, there is the possibility to add the family name and automatically display it in your data entry form. However, the family name seems to be treated as a 'hidden' attribute, and it is not displayed in Saiku to be used as row/column/filter attribute. This would be very useful to analyze your data. I thought that a simple workaround would be to add a new calculated text attribute which you set to be equal to the family name of your species: how can I do this? Is it possible to refer to the family name field in your calculated field expression?

Thanks in advance to anyone who could give me some hints on this.


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Hi Luca,
Now the family name is not visible in Saiku, but we will add it soon.
As a workaround, if you are using the option Show family in the Taxon attribute, then you can have access to the family scientific name from a calculated attribute using an expression like this:
Open Foris Team

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Thank you! I tried your solution, and it's working perfectly. This will do until the family name will be added to Saiku.

Congratulations for your great work.


(04 Nov '16, 12:43) stonedwanderer stonedwanderer's gravatar image

Sorry to open this again, but I found that the proposed solution, that is perfectly working on Collect Desktop, has problems on Collect Mobile for Android. In fact, each time I enter and select a taxon name (and, therefore, the value of the calculated attribute is generated from the expression 'taxon_attribute_name/@familyScientificName'), the app freezes with message "Collect Mobile has stopped unexpectedly", and it does not record neither the taxon attribute, nor the calculated attribute with the family name. This makes it impossible to use this method in the field.

Is there any solution?

Thank you again,


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answered 06 Nov '16, 11:58

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