As we are not sure how good the internet connection will be for our next Collect Earth Mapathon, we are exploring our options in terms of caching images.

We are not interested in trends and therefore we would only need to cache the most recent image for our 6,900 sample plots of 0.49 ha each (and I would think we would want to have a bit of their surrounding too). However, the cache is limited to 2GB. I am not sure how to calculate how much space caching the 6,900 sample plots would require. And if it is more than 2 GB, how could we get a special permission to cache more?



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See this answer about how to cache imagery

As there is a limit of 2GB in the folder that holds the cache you will need to get creative. Basically you could divide your 6.900 plots into say, 10 files, and use the caching method 10 times.

Each time you do it, and before you run the tour you need to rename the folder where the current cache is being stored so that Google Earth starts from scratch. Then, when you use Google Earth you need to make sure that the right folder has been renamed to the standard Google Earth cache folder:


Of course you will not be able to use the very valuable Google Earth historic imagery,

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Thanks for the idea! Do we have a say in which image is cached?

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