Hello there,

When double-clicking on the .cep file, Collect Earth and Google Earth are successfully initiated, Google Earth correctly localize the position on the globe but then it gets stuck on loading the cep file content.

Also, the Application Log asserts as follow: "ERROR 2014-11-12 09:27:44,632 [main] org.openforis.collect.earth.app.desktop.EarthApp: The KMZ file could not be found java.lang.NullPointerException at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.desktop.ServerController.getContext(ServerController.java:50) at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.desktop.EarthApp.getLocalProperties(EarthApp.java:446) at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.desktop.EarthApp.generateLoaderKmlFile(EarthApp.java:381) at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.desktop.EarthApp.simulateClickKmz(EarthApp.java:565) at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.desktop.EarthApp.initializeServer(EarthApp.java:472) at org.openforis.collect.earth.app.desktop.EarthApp.main(EarthApp.java:120)"

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheers, Alessio

asked 11 Nov '14, 22:13

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Just adding some more infomration, let's say that I was running Collect Earth on a LAN protected by an application Firewall that was blocking some of the HTTP requests. I realized that also other HTTP traffic was being filtered resulting in HTTP errors on the browser. So I switched on a different network (an internet key) without modifying anything on the CE installing and the tool was working fine.

I dunno if this has to be considered an issue or just something to be taken into account for future enhancements.

Cheers, Alessio

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answered 12 Nov '14, 02:19

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Hi Alessio, I think that the error that you posted doesn't have a relation to the internet connectivity.

If you try to start Collect Earth by just clicking on the Windows icon->Collect Earth->Launch Collect Earth (without selecting the CEP file) then it should work fine. Can you try that?

This was a bug that was fixed and should not happen in the latest version of Collect Earth that you can download from the website...

I will be releasing another version within the next few days ( with the possibility to open a page with annual charts for NDVI, NDWI, EVI and other indices for the plot ) so if you can hold re-downloading the application it should be fine.

Let me know if my advice helped!

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answered 12 Nov '14, 09:51

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Thanks for the fast answer. lucas-demo was not working either (same beaviour). I also tried to upload external ced files with no success. As i said, the same version is working on the same computers when connected to a different network (we are now working with a private wifi Vodafone hub instead of the organization LAN).

I will download the new version as instructed though.

Thanks, Alessio

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answered 12 Nov '14, 10:04

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Interesting... Can you send me the full contents of the log file to collectearth (at) gmail (dot) com ?


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answered 12 Nov '14, 17:25

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