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Open Foris Calc is a modular browser-based tool for data analysis and results calculation. It allows expert users to write custom R modules to perform country/inventory-specific calculations. Calc produces results for forest inventories based on point sampling designed with a variety of sampling designs: single or double sampling, cluster, random, systematic and stratified sampling. Aggregated results can be visualized and analyzed through an open source software: Saiku. 

The input data and metadata come from Open Foris Collect and Calc provides a flexible way to produce aggregated results for any defined area of interest. The hierarchical structure defined in Collect is converted into a relational database: the entities are converted into tables and their attributes into columns.

CALC has three main sections: Settings, Data and Calculation

  • In Settings the user can upload and manage an existing survey as well as any other information necessary for producing meaningful calculations such as areas of interest, sampling design specifications, aggregation formulas and models.  
  • Data is the area of Calc where data can be displayed (in tabular or scatter plot format). Raw data can be sorted, filtered and managed as needed, including upload and download of data sub-sets.
  • Calculation, the core of Calc, allows to set up calculation steps in order to analyze the data set and produce results which will be managed and displayed in symbiosis with Saiku


In order to familiarize with CALC and understanding the components and its full potential, a test data-set is available for download. [click below] 

A test survey named Atlantis is available for download here:

  • Click to download the test data-set Atlantis 

The folder test-data contains two surveys, one set up as a one-phase sampling, the other with a double sampling design.

This tutorial is based on the double sampling example which is the one that requires more settting up steps. 

  • Open the folder atlantis-2phases-sampling
  • Download which contains the data and metadata of the survey created in Collect.
  • Open the folder calc  

 The files contained in the folder calc allow to experiment with two different types of set-up: automatic or manual.

  • Automatic set-up: download which will be uploaded into Calc and already contains all the necessary information (files csv). 
  • Manual: download the following csv files

    • calc-aois.csv: containing information on the “areas of interest”. 
    • calc-phase1-plots.csv: containing phase-1 information on the strata, cluster identification number, plot and a code indicating the area of interest. 
    • calc-strata.csv: containing information on the number of strata included in the survey.
    • calc-volume-models.csv: containing the volume equations that will be used in the analysis.

In the following sections you will find test files boxes with explanations of the csv files and their structure as well as indications on how to set up the csv files for your own survey. 

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