Data is the section of CALC where the non-aggregated data can be visualized, sorted, filtered, etc.

Two visualizations options are available in CALC: data can be visualized in Table format or through a Scatter chart.

In order to visualize the data the user must first select the Entity (variable) to display, then choose between [Q] and [C] for selecting the type of variables to display: Quantitative or Categorical.

Then click View to visualize the data.

The first step is to select the entity (variable) to display.

In the case of our test survey “Atlantis”, selecting the entity tree will show all the attributes related to the entity tree.

The attributes that you wish to display can be selected by clicking on them (the related box will turn green). It is also possible to filter the data by clicking on the filtering icon to the right of each attribute. The following screen shots show some examples of the display and sorting possible using Calc.

In the top part of the screen in Table view you can see:

An indicator of the number of records displayed and a total count. Left and right arrows to move from one page to another of the tabular results.

The CSV button to download a csv file of the data displayed. Click for automatic download.

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