CALC can be installed on your computer through a CALC installer. CALC operates in synergy with other supporting software which, if not already present, should be installed. The supporting softwares are:  

  • Java Development Kit [Jdk]
  • Postgres: an object-relational database management system; as a database server, its primary function is to store data and retrieve it later, as requested by other software applications.
  • R: a free software programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

The installation process can be carried out following these steps:

  1. Download and install Jdk 1.8 + []
  2. Download and install Postgres 9.4 + []. 
    Note: the required password should be set as ‘postgres’. 
  3. Download and install  R 3.2 + [].
  4. Download and install Open Foris Calc  
  • Open Foris Calc Installer for Windows
  • Open Foris Calc Installer for Linux

Step number 5 will download the following executable file:


Double click to launch the CALC set up Wizard


click Next



Accept license agreement and click Next



Specify the directory where Open Foris CALC will be installed and click Next


Note: make sure to select a folder that contains no spaces, for example “C:\opt\OpenForisCalc”.



Select the directory where R has been installed, the click OK and then Next



CALC Set up Wizard is now ready to begin installation. Click Next


Wait while Set up installs Open Foris Calc on your computer



Installation is finished. Now the system requires to restart the computer.

Make sure to save any unfinished work and click Yes



When your computer has re-started you will notice the icon of Open Foris Calc Control Panel on your desktop (for Windows users, also in the Start menu).



Double click to launch the Open Foris Calc Control Panel


The java/Tomcat window will open

Note: the Tomcat windows needs to be kept open (minimized) and run in the background.



The Open Foris Calc – Control panel window will open



Note: the Control Panel will automatically launch Calc in your default browser. Calc can then be stopped and started from the Control Panel. The Log button shows the content of the Tomcat commands.


CALC will open in your default browser at this URL: localhost:8081/calc



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